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The Pepperwood Story...

A Place to Shine

Wandering through the beautiful gardens of her childhood and arranging bouquets from her parents garden in Australia, the love of flowers started for Vanessa Lee at a young age. There's something about flowers, the lingering perfume, the complexity of colors, their texture and beauty that captures the heart of most people who clutch a fresh posy of garden roses. In 2020 during such a difficult year for the world, Vanessa decided she wanted to bring joy through flowers to others. It was in this space that Pepperwood Flower Farm was birthed and the hard work of planning and preparing the small urban farm in Long Beach California was underway.

Pepperwood Farm specializes in a variety of beautiful flowers such as Ranunculus, Dahlias, Poppies, David Austin Roses, Anemones and other heirloom flowers. These treasures are lovingly grown from seed, using sustainable organic farm practices with a sensitivity to improving the microclimate the farm is in.


"I'm so happy you found us and I hope to become a part of your memories by providing you, your family and loved ones flowers that become significant moments in time". Vanessa Lee

Grown not Flown

Some years ago, during the 1980s, the once thriving floral agriculture industry in the USA dramatically reduced due to cheap importing and law changes from south America. Majority of local flower farmers in the USA were unable to compete with such low wholesale prices in the market and many went out of business. In recent years due to the hard work of a few pioneer female flower farmers, notably Erin Benzekain from Floret, there has been a new wave of flower farmer florists emerging to grow high quality flowers that only retain their beauty if sourced locally. This has not only created a wonderful fulfilling industry full of women who are passionate about flower farming, but it also has provided some exquisite locally grown flowers of a high quality to the people of America. A purchase or subscription from Pepperwood Flower Farm is your way of supporting this movement and a female run small business.

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