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The Spring Garden

Updated: Mar 10

When it comes to gardens, if I had to pick a favorite it would probably be the early Spring garden. There is something so anticipated, that brings so much joy, and gratefulness when after months of cool winter weather those first early leaves push through the soil to unfold and become a beautiful daffodil, tulip, hyacinth or other Spring wonder, filled with their bright color and heady scent. To me Spring represents the new - the new year, a new season, and new hope for all that's beyond. What is not to love?

In this post I'm going to cover a few garden tasks to get onto in Spring to set all gardens up for a wonderful late Spring and Summer season of flowers! I am also going to give a short list of my favorite spring must haves for your garden that bring color and joy to your space.

Spring Tasks:

- Amend soil (improve soil structure by adding manure, compost and turning)

- Fertilize all plants with slow release fertilizer

- Aerate grass, add fertilizer, top soil and seed if needed

- Check irrigation, come up with a watering plan if you don't already have one

- Apply fresh mulch over beds to suppress

weeds and protect plants from the upcoming heat.

- Divide clumps of herbaceous perennials and grasses and plant out

- Any plants you wish to move, now is the time to do it

- There is still time to plant seeds in trays for Summer annuals

- Trim and prune roses, removing dead stems

- pot up bulbs for Summer

- Keep on top of early bugs and diseases. Remove any diseased plants.

I also thought I would give you a list of some of my very favorite Spring flowering pants. These gems can be tucked into a pot of soil or out in your garden beds during any time in Fall for a wonderful Spring display. If you missed planting these gems there are still many small spring flowers at your local plant supply place such as pansies, violas, Iceland poppies and lobelia you can add for color.

Spring Favorites

- Ranunculus

- Anemone

- Hyacinth

- Daffodils

- Tulips

- Crocus

- Sweet Peas

- Roses

Over the coming weeks I am going to post about each one of these beautiful flowers and how to grow them. I hope you have a wonderful week and take a little time to sip that coffee and wander around your garden

or patio coming up with a dream and plan for your Spring sanctuary!

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