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Self Care - It's a thing!

The more I spend time in the garden caring, nourishing and growing flowers the more I realize that we are not all that different. The more I care for and am attentive to my farm the more beautiful and healthy flowers become.

Aren't we a little like that? As a full time Mom of under 5s and a budding entrepreneur I live a hurried, busy existence. At the beginning of each year I take stock of where my life is at and pray and consider the new year ahead and any new revelations or goals that I may want to implement. This January I felt the need to carve out some time for me - specifically some self care time. I guess for everyone that may look a little different but I've come to realize it is super important. Sometimes we can buy into the ideal that slowing down and having "me" time is selfish, however I encourage you to think of it as necessary sustenance. To be the best we can be for ourselves, our family, loved ones and work colleagues we actually need to stop and care for ourselves.

For me this means taking better care of my diet and nutrition, exercising regularly and buying those little luxuries that help me relax and feel peaceful and loved by myself! Bath bombs, bubble bath, a nice hand cream, a beautiful coffee table book, essential oil, flowers (when I have none in the garden!), listening to good music, stopping the house work to dance in the kitchen.

So friend, take some time for you, guilt free - you and the world deserves it.

Vanessa xo

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