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Easter Spring Centerpiece

Today's blog is a bit of fun - we are going to make a cute Easter/Spring centerpiece that you can place on your dining table, coffee table or entryway to welcome in the warmer days ahead!

What you will need:

- Bird Cage Decoration ( I got mine from Target)

- Bunny or easter themed figurine (Target)

- Presentation rise (Target or anywhere of your choosing)

- 3 Bud Vases of varying heights

- Bunch of Spring flowers from the market.

- Flowers from a walk with your dog or your back yard.

1. Go through and strip the leaves off your flowers that will hit the water. The leaves turn the water bad and create mold shortening the life of your arrangement.

2. Fill up your 3 bud vases with water and place in the bird cage, place the cage on top.

3. Cut your flowers and place through the cage into the birdcage into the bud vases at varying heights.

Add a little at a time, thinking of varying texture, flower sizes and color. Be careful not to overstuff the vases and step back and take a look to see if you need to make changes.

Things to consider - Is the arrangement going to be seen from all sides? If so make sure you add flowers to be seen from all directions.

Done! Enjoy and look forward to the Spring Days ahead.

All these product can be bought at Tar

get but you can also source elsewhere such as Hobby Lobby, Michaels or Joannes.

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