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An Amazing Season

Last year was such an amazing jump start to my new business Pepperwood Flower Farm. I want to thank everyone who has supported my new venture by purchasing flowers, with uplifting words of encouragement, by attending a workshop or simply being there for me.

The thing that inspires me most about starting this venture is connecting to the wonderful community of women around me through sharing life's special moments with them, through coffee and workshops and the natural friendships that ensue.

My sweet neighbors who have lovingly donated their large back yard to me for my quirky urban farm have been simply amazing and supportive beyond belief. It's people like them that make me have hope that yes, even though life is hurried and the world has gone mad, there are still some very decent people right here in my neighborhood and in this awesome country I now call home.

It's no doubt all of us have struggled in one way or another during the unforseen year of 2021 but I move forward with joy in my heart knowing that so much good has also come of it. New connections, new friends, a budding business and dreams in hand. On and upward for us all!

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